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Alocasia macrorrhiza black stem variegated

Alocasia macrorrhiza black stem variegated

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Black-stemmed Alocasia macrorrhiza variegated is a large-growing variegated Alocasia with incredible statement leaves. Photos from my large mother plant are attached. Please note that variegation is highly variable and cannot be guaranteed from corm or for every leaf.

One small plant is currently available.

Shipping & Return Information

Orders will ship from Olympia, WA Monday through Wednesday.

Plants and seeds can be held up to 1 week at request; please leave a note on your order.

Please bring plants in from outside as soon as possible upon delivery and reach out if there are any problems immediately upon receipt of the plant. I will pack with extraordinary care and do everything to ensure that you receive the plant in excellent condition. Please know your weather for shipping and expertise in caring for these plants.

Care Instructions

Alocasia do well in a rich soil mix and appreciate regular watering, although some are also tolerant of significant drought in my experience. I use a variety of different medium for Alocasia and usually have less drainage or a tray of water for them to stand in. Some do quite well as houseplants, however for most vigorous growth, additional humidity and temperatures in the 70s-80s are usually ideal. Alocasia can be very prone to spider mites so I reccomend regularly treating the leaves with pesticide or beneficial insects. Species-specific care may vary, and watering and light needs will depend on your environment and conditions.

Corms can be started in any medium including moss, pon, tephra, or just water, and will require constant even humidity until rooted and established.

I am available to answer any questions about purchased plants via my instagram or email.

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