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Anthurium antolakii x carlablackiae

Anthurium antolakii x carlablackiae

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germinated seed

Pictured plants are parents only.

Anthurium antolakii x carlablackiae

Seed parent: Anthurium antolakii (aka 'Black Velvet Eastern Panama' or 'BVEP').

This plant is a seed-grown specimen that was acquired during the plant's first introduction to the aroid hobby. I affectionately refer to this plant as my 'Bay Area BVEP' as it was originally grown by Esmé of (IG: @bayareafrogs) before coming to my collection in Spring of 2023.

Pollen parent: Anthurium carlablackiae A1 is my original clone that I have been growing since 2020 when the species was first introduced to the hobby. It is not a numbered clone that I know of in anybody else's collection. A1 is the tag I have chosen to associate with it track its genetics in hybrids.

Shipping & Return Information

Orders will ship from Olympia, WA Monday through Wednesday.

Plants and seeds can be held up to 1 week at request; please leave a note on your order.

Please bring plants in from outside as soon as possible upon delivery and reach out if there are any problems immediately upon receipt of the plant. I will pack with extraordinary care and do everything to ensure that you receive the plant in excellent condition. Please know your weather for shipping and expertise in caring for these plants.

Care Instructions

Never let your seedlings dry out! When small, they do not have enough tissue or roots to store water reserves and can perish quickly without.

Set seeds on top of medium (I use an
organic mix with added tree fern, perlite, and/or pumice to loosen the
consistency, however seeds can be started on moss, pon, or other medium too). Keep moist and humid, warm, and bright. A glass Pyrex container covered in plastic wrap on a heat mat is what I use until seedlings have 2-3 leaves, after which they can be potted up and transitioned to lower humidity.

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