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Anthurium papillilaminum x carlablackiae

Anthurium papillilaminum x carlablackiae

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Seed parent: Anthurium papillilaminum seed-grown from Scott Cohen. These were acquired before he named his A+ line and are believed to be from the same parent in his collection. Progeny should display classic dark papillilaminum characteristics like parents and sibling plants. 

Pollen parent: Anthurium carlablackiae A1. The specimen parent I have had in my collection the longest grown by myself since 2020. This Anthurium is one of the darkest species with most striking veining and white inflorescence edged with pink.

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Plants and seeds can be held up to 1 week at request; please leave a note on your order.

Please bring plants in from outside as soon as possible upon delivery and reach out if there are any problems immediately upon receipt of the plant. I will pack with extraordinary care and do everything to ensure that you receive the plant in excellent condition. Please know your weather for shipping and expertise in caring for these plants.

Care Instructions

Anthuriums appreciate an airy soil mix and generally do not tolerate long periods of drought. I use a mix of organic soil, tree fern, and pumice. For most vigorous growth, 70-90% humidity and temperatures in the 70s-80s are usually ideal. Species-specific care may vary, and watering and light needs will depend on your environment and conditions.

I am available to answer any questions about purchased plants via my instagram or email.

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